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A decentralized eco-friendly community where TREES token holders earn passive rewards and support environment-centred projects that benefit local tree growers who are doing the hard work in restoring our ecosystem.

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$TREES have 100x  potential, here’s why?

TREES – an eco-friendly token

SAFETREES reward mechanism will benefit TREES token holders indefinitely. The technology this community build creates environmental and economic value for the local tree growers, environmental organization and green philanthropist worldwide.

TREES token is a utility asset use for offsetting carbon footprints. It is designed to reward the token holders as well as serves as a token to the community’s Tree Adoption Marketplace. SAFETREES project designed a free and easy-to-use solution that will help tree growers monitor, authenticate and validate tree growth status through a mobile application.

The tree growers can tokenize their real growing trees as TREES-NFT and traded them to the Tree Adoption Marketplace. Everyone can adopt a TREES-NFT using the TREES token or buy carbon offsets that support our environment-centre projects.


Sustainable value creation

TREES token is community-centric and managed by volunteers. Launch token allocation was completely seeded as liquidity and locked to protect investors against rug-pull. The 2% of all transactions are distributed to holders and 3% tax when selling. This mechanism adds value to the token because the smart contract was designed to exponentially cuts the total supply in circulation by enormous quantities, hence deflationary. Moreover, a gradual manual burning up to 70% of the total token supply is implemented. The novel frictionless auto-liquidity mechanism sustainably increases the liquidity of the token rapidly. Watch your wallet balance climb instantly the minute you begin holding the TREES token. More detailed Tokenomics here.

Hold and Earn

2% of ALL transactions gets distributed to TREES holders and 3% goes to liquidity  

dedicated community

Investors are committed taking TREES token to the space of endless possibilities.

impact investing

TREES token hodling provide liquidy to address environmental issues.


You would need to swap $TREES Token for BNB on an exchange like PancakeSwap. $TREES token is only available on Binance Smart Chain. You must configure your wallet to use the Binance Smart Chain network and you would need to own BNB tokens for gas fees. In the near future, the $TREES token would be available on selected exchanges. In Pancakeswap use or copy the $TREES official Contract address when selecting a currency to pair i.e. BNB/TREES :  0xd3b77ac07c963b8cead47000a5208434d9a8734d 

We Join Forces to Impact Our Future, and Together We Are Making a Difference

  • Deforestation destroyed environmental balance.
  • Planting and tending trees take long years before growers can rip the financial benefits.
  • The lack of dependable technology to track the tree’s development hinders donors’ confidence to support tree planting activities.

Hence, efforts and interest in planting and tending trees decrease. The trees that local communities planted sequestered tons of CO2 –  however, they don’t get financially compensated for the CO2 captured by their trees.

As you HODL TREES token you are making an impact and supports the SAFETREES project. It’s an effective way to help realize a more sustainable future and consequently helping tree growers to support themselves and their families while revitalizing their local forests resource.

Our Purpose


10 Billion newly planted and mature trees worldwide are geo-tagged by 2025, minted and stored in the blockchain. Those trees are minted as NFTs and can be traded for TREES token in SAFETREES tree adoption market.

Our mission is to make sure that tree improvement, long-term maintenance and end-use of the trees are monitored, traceable and authenticated.

We also want to make sure that our technology creates environmental and economic value and can serve as a reliable source of income for millions of smallholder tree growers worldwide.



Research and Innovation

utility Development

SAFETREES project is creating a free and easy-to-use solution that will help tree growers and individuals monitor and validate tree growth status through a mobile application.

A Tree Adoption Marketplace i.e. is being developed where real tree assets are minted and traded with TREES token to buy carbon offsets that support our environment-centre projects. This disruptive techno-economic framework allows users to geo-tag a tree and directly compensated with digital asset (i.e. TREES token) based on the value of the geo-tagged trees’ capacity to absorb CO2.

This solution creates transparency and reliability for the benefit of tree growers, donors, environmental organizations, token holders and environment in general.

Our Pipeline


With cross-chain mobile application and blockchain technology, we provide a traceability solution for trees and ownership authentication as well as economic benefits to our App users.

The mechanism employs a pay-to-grow-tend-track-model, which allows app users to measure real tree attributes and get an equivalent TREES token for the amount of CO2 the tree absorbed as a carbon offset. TREES token can be bought and held as an asset, or burnt to offset an individual’s carbon footprint.

Navigate to our App prototype by clicking the button to get a preview of the tree monitoring app. Final features are being developed to obtain accurate and reliable data to be published soon.

AR and GeoTag Technology









Our Top Priorities

Tree planting and tending activities are essential factors for forest to thrive. Our top priorities are the overall outcome of these activities for the environment and the people involved in sustainable change. We empower them with simple, accurate, transparent and reliable technology that helps restore their forests and monitor their impact. SAFETREES project contributes to the achievement of all of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Climate Action

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

Life on land

Use existing bio-based resources in a sustainable manner.

No Poverty

Incentives to tree growers can lift local communities out of poverty.

Gender equality

Empower women via tech-transfer and small-enterprises like nurseries.

Decent work

Sponsoring forestry projects to promote work in local communities.

Road Map


Q1 2021

✓ Idea generation and partnership creation

✓ One-pager (lite-white paper) proposal for teams and partners

✓ Token creation, token metrics, and launch liquidity planning


Q2 2021

✓ Establishment of technical (dev) and marketing team

✓ Website design and social media releases

✓ Public launch DEX listing announcements

✓ Release of Lite Paper v1.0

✓ UI design and prototyping of SAFETREES platforms

✓ Press releases: Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, AP News

✓ Influencers: YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook Ads


Q3 and Q4 2021

✓ Exchange Listing Applications (Centralized)

✓ Burned 66%+ of the TREES total supply

✓ NGO Partnership, Outreach and knowledge transfer to tree grower’s community

✓ Marketing: AMA sessions with different global communities, influencers, Website UX/SEO and press release

  • Quality Test for TreesApp data collection (partners)
  • Release of TreesApp (Test Flight) IOS and Android
  • Development of the Trees Adoption Marketplace

2022 and BEYOND

  • Promoting SAFETREES worldwide reach with different marketing activities
  • Reach-out to companies, investors and NGO’s to demonstrate our technology
  • New utility: Livestock traceability and authentication
  • New utility: Agricultural Commodities traceability and authentication
  • New utility: Food Process digitalization – monitoring and traceability
  • New utility: Food product traceability and authentication


Collaborative parties

The SAFETREES.SPACE alliance provide assistance through advocacy, engagement and outreach, with the common goal of encouraging crypto-enthusiast, investors and businesses to support tree grower’s action to mitigate environmental degradation. We collaborate with different interested parties and partnering organizations including local tree growers, charitable institutions, business organizations, research associates, bio-based industry, and other NGOs with strategic objectives to support the efforts of tree growers, safeguard, restore and sustainably monitor our natural resources. Join us now!

We don’t take donations, only your willingness to support our cause.

But if you insist, we appreciate it so much. Please send it here:


Join us and together we can lessen the impact of environmental degradation.




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Frequent Ask Questions

How do I buy TREES token?

You would need to swap TREES token on PancakeSwap with BNB using BSC Mainnet in your wallet. To use BSC Main network, you must configure your Metamask wallet. Then you would need to adjust your slippage to 8% and some BNB tokens for gas fees. You can also buy TREES token in LBank with TREES/USDT pair. TREES token will be available in other selected centralized crypto exchanges in the near future. Thank you for your support to the community and to the environment.

What makes TREES token different from other coin?

SAFETREES created the TREES token as a valuable deflationary asset for the purpose of incentivizing individuals through the pay-to-grow-tend-track model for their efforts in restoring balance in the environment. Another unique feature of the TREES token is that it serves as an asset for carbon footprint offset. In addition, TREES token holders earn passive rewards through static reflection built-in to the smart contract algorithm, so token holders are guaranteed to watch their wallet grow indefinitely.

How does SAFETREES incentivized the tree growers with TREES token?

The tree grower uses the SAFETREES App to capture the trees he/she wants to monitor (i.e. The concept is like Pokémon Go, but instead of capturing Pokémon, individuals should capture trees). The app has a built-in algorithm that calculates and verifies the long-term ecological impact of trees notably, how much CO2 was captured over time, calculate the ecological and financial benefits (i.e. TREES token equivalent) and then converts it into digitalized TREES tokens as earned carbon credits through SAFETREES adoption platform. The platform users can buy or adopt the minted trees using the TREES token.

How can I make sure that I'm not investing in a scam project?

Make due diligence about the project, read the white paper and look at whether the project has a utility purpose, mission and real-world applications or a project is just to make money for the team. The safety of SAFETREES investors’ funds is our top priority, thus we design TREES token 100% safe and technically unruggable. The initial liquidity is locked away forever. For the auto-added liquidity by our smart contract, we burn the LP Tokens regularly so that it’s technically impossible to remove liquidity at any time.

How do I stake and what is the APY for auto-staking TREES token?

Staking and earning rewards is done through holding or hodling the TREES token in your wallet (i.e. BSC enabled metamask or trust wallet). The amount of your TREES token will automatically rise as soon as you begin holding it, thanks to auto-staking coded in the SAFETREES smart contract. There is no APY for staking TREES token for holding it in your wallet. Your reward earning depends entirely on the overall transactions on the blockchain. The more transactions there are in the market, the more you get from TREES token’s fees transactions, which are distributed to holders.

Who is the team behind SAFETREES?

The real team is our community since the SAFETREES project is 100% community-driven! Although some in the team at present wants to remain anonymous, we are no strangers to creating projects on the blockchain. SAFETREES team is a group of developers, environmentalist, and crypto enthusiasts, who have been involved in the crypto-verse and projects in the past and bringing a wealth of knowledge to the project, to make it the biggest success possible. The co-founders have a strong academic background in computer science and agricultural engineering with a PhD and MSc degree. They also are involved in developing projects in Africa and Southeast Asia.


Join Our Communities

Our SAFETREES community welcomes you with open arms, offers you a safe space to feel welcomed, and creates a positive change. So if you have any questions, ideas, or just want a platform to make new friendly and caring friends – you are welcome. 

We recommend joining any of our social media communities to keep you up to date with all SAFETREES news including project development, listings, and new releases!




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